charcoal face mask. Hii and welcome to fullformspoint. so, in today's topic, we are talking about the charcoal face maskwhich is very easy to apply and charcoal face mask gives the very best result. you can try this at home for glowing skin. so, let's start the topic charcoal face mask.

Charcoal Face mask

charcoal face mask

charcoal face mask. Hi friends, I'm Sourav, Friends, today, we will make a black peel-off mask. If you know that this mask is very Famous in the market. Black peel of mask's result is quite effective. As you applied it to your face, instantly it will make your face fair. 

Additionally, it will remove blackheads and facial hair to your face. If you consider a salon for this treatment, then they will charge 3-4 thousand rupees. But your Nisha will make this mask for you, which will cost only 3-4 hundred rupees and will give the same parlour result. 

So, let's move to make it this remedy, but first of all, subscribe to my channel. We will use the double boiler method for making this mask. First of all, add 5 tablespoons of raw milk in a bowl. 

After that add 2 tablespoon gelatin powder. Gelatin powder is easily available at a grocery store or a bakery shop. After adding gelatin powder, mix it well. And keep boiling for the next 5 minutes and keep stirring it with the help of a spoon. 

As you can see that this mixture is quite thick now and with no granules as well. Now, will add 1 tablespoon activated charcoal powder. Activated charcoal will easily be found in any grocery shop. If you didn’t find there, they will surely get it from a large medical store. 

Friends, if you still not found from a medical store, then you can easily buy it online. After adding activated charcoal keep boiling it for the next two minutes. Now our peel-off mask is ready and I’m turning off the hearth. 

Now, at last, I’m adding a very secret ingredient in it. Which will remove your facial hair completely? So, our secret powder is Alum powder. We have to add it 1 pinch only. After adding Alum powder, mix it well. 

Now take off the bowl from hearth and leave it for a while for use. When you find that the mask is cold enough, then apply it on your face. As I’m showing you in this video. try to apply a thick coat on your face. Ok friends, now let me tell you the benefits of this peel-off mask. 

After using this the black and whiteheads will completely remove from your face. Because we are using alum powder in it, that's why it has a strong grip. So, when you will peel off it. It will remove your facial hair from buds. 

Friends, if you cut the leaves of a plant, then after some time the plant will grow again. But if we remove that plant from roots, it will never grow again. So, friends, similarly alum powder remove our facial hair completely. 

So, friends, as you can see that my mask is dried now, it took 30 minutes to dry. So, friends, now start peeling off this mask and remember always peel off it from one direction. Friends, let’s move to our next step. but before that like my video.

Friends, I’m taking cold milk in a pot, which I already freeze one hour ago. Remember that you have to use cold milk only. Leave a tissue or a clean cloth into this milk for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, put out the tissue from the milk and clean your face. 

Using milk for cleaning skin will reduce skin pores. and the purpose of using cold milk is that your skin's open pores may close. By using this a shine will appear on your face which you can't achieve from any other thing. By clean your face with milk, take any moisturizing lotion and apply it on your face.

massage your face for a minute after applying lotion. The final result is in front of you. So, friends, leave the costly saloons by wasting your money. Make this remedy at your home. So, friends, it seems that I have visited a costly saloon for facial treatment. apply this treatment and must share the results with me. 

Benefits of Charcoal face mask

I'm going to show you how to make and use charcoal powder face masks the one I'm using right now is this one right here you only need 1 tablespoon of your activated charcoal powder you can use something like this or you can use the one in capsules. 

I think with one or two capsules will be enough and then add2 tablespoons of yoghurt the best will be if it's Greek yoghurt or plain yoghurt that works well and then I like to add a little bit of lime juice this is completely optional only with the charcoal powder and the yoghurt. 

it is enough to give you great results the consistency is a paste I love to use activated charcoal for many things but one of my favourites is on face masks I call it the detox face mask what the charcoal does is to observe all the oil the dirt out of the skin out of the pores. 

I like to use it because it brights skin and it kind of like revives the skin back into that glow into that natural glow I feel like it tights up my pores and cleans them really deep at the end when the face mask is dry go ahead and wash it off with warm water.

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