Garnier face mask. Hii and welcome to fullformspoint. so, in today's topic, we are talking about the Garnier face mask, which is very easy to apply and Garnier face mask gives the very best result. you can try this at home for glowing skin. so, let's start the topic by Garnier face mask.

Garnier face mask

garnier face mask

I'm going to be reviewing this Garnier skincare mosque and it's for the combination skin so let's see how this will perform okay guys so today we're going to review this gurney and sheet mask it's the ultra-hydrating rebalancing mask and this is for the combination skin. 

that means if you have oily parts and dry patches in your face so I do have oily more oily to combination skin so the outer perimeter of my skin is a bit dry but the most of my skin is very oily so I'm going to apply this mask today and it's a 15 minutes sheet mask. 

so it comes like that and when you open it there's a sheet mask and it has a very generous amount of serum in it for the product so I'm just going to unfold the mask and you need to remove the blue area of the mosque.

So just removing that [Music] now I'm just going to apply the mask to my skin I was trying to make it just applying it first to the forehead area [Music] does have a little bit of a smell like a fresh floral smell but it's not very powerful [Music] now it's a little bit small it's not very big just need to adjust it to your face and make it cover. 

Your face as much as possible [Music] very scary so I'm now going to leave it on my skin for 15 minutes and I'll be right back okay so now 15 minutes have passed and I'm going to remove the mask and see how my skin looks like. 

it's definitely a very nice fresh feeling now he was supposed to massage the serum into the skin until it all absorbed don't forget your neck okay so it's very smooth feeling very slippy takes a bit of time to absorb but it's definitely absorbing ety skin always mash the massage the skin upwards also under the eyes so it's all absorbed now into the skin.

my skin feels really plump and hydrated it's a bit sticky but I think the stickiness healing would definitely go away so this is how my skin looks like after the serum is all absorbed as you can see it looks very dewy and very hydrated so the mask says on the back in 15 minutes if the skin is intensely rehydrated. 

which I agree with that skin is rebalanced and skin is visibly clearer I don't see clear skin but I definitely see that it's rehydrated and rebalanced and it says in one week the T zone is mattified skin's quality is improved and pores are less visible.

So I'll definitely be trying this mask again to see in one week how it's going to my skin would look like definitely interested in getting my t-zone mattified and pores minimized so I'll definitely try it again. 

let you guys know how my skin would look like after one week of using this mask so I hope you guys enjoyed today's review of the Garnier skin active Hydra bone tissue mask and this is the green one for normal to combination skin.

How to Apply Garnier face mask

I have bought some sheet masks. They have a lot of products. They deal in a lot of products. You must give it a shot. This is pomegranate skin damage-control sheet mask and this is green tea skin purifying sheet mask. 

The price is Rs. 100. You must try this. I'll show you how you should use these masks. I'm using the skin damage control sheet mask. Let's see how it performs. It smells really nice. This is how it looks like. You must wear it like this. It has serum left in it. 

Don't waste it Massage it on your neck. So much serum is left out. Apply it on your neck. Let me read out the ingredients. First of all, this must not be contacted to your eyes and lips. I'll tell you how to use it. Cleans the face. Remove the mask sheet. And carefully unfold it. 

Apply the sheet mask on the face completely. Avoid contact with the eyes and lips. You must spread the serum all over the face and neck. Before you apply it you must cleanse your face. Avoid touching it your eyes and lips. And press it like this. Let's read more. After leaving it for about 20 minutes remove it gently. 

So I'll be back in 15 minutes. The time has passed. I'm going to remove the mask. Remove it gently. Remove it like this. You can see the difference. It still has a lot of serum. Rub it like this on your face. Rub it on your face and neck. Press your skin like this so that the serum reaches all over the face. 

This is how you can do it at home. I just showed you how you use a sheet mask.

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